10 things every Amdavadi will relate to!

1. People here are crazy about food, especially street food. That probably explains why you see BMWs and Audis parked alongside autos and scooters in Manek Chowk

2. Amdavadis are probably the most enthusiastic and energetic species in India when it comes to celebrating festivals. Look at our Uttaran and Navratri Celebrations if you are still unconvinced.

3. The word “Discount” is like a drug. They will happily spend 100 Rs auto fare for a 50Rs Discount!

4. Amdavadi’s take great pride in speaking correct and purest version of Gujarati. They often make fun of the funny accents of people from Rajkot, Surat, Mehsana etc.

5. When it comes to driving, they follow a rulebook of their own. They overtake vehicle based on space and not on side. They also park their vehicle wherever they see space irrespective of obstructing a lane of traffic. The autowallahs, who sit little bit sideways and drive are probably the roughest drivers in whole of Gujarat.

6. Bargaining is their birthright; and they are so good at it, it probably comes wired in their genes.

7. Any medium Amdavadi family has some one living in USA, Mumbai or Vadodra. New Jersey has monopoly of Amdavadi Patels.

8.  Any Amdavadi school has atleast three students each with surnames Patel, Shah and Mehta.

9. People of Ahmedabad have a supernatural business sense, and will see business opportunities in seemingly impossible situations. Another one of those things which comes wired in their genes, perhaps.

10. Amdavadis are simply lovely! Everything from their food to their Gujju accent is irresistibly sweet!

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