12 Things You Are Doing Wrong Till Now.

there are many things that your are doing, but you know that you have been doing it wrong till the way you started. here are some of these and find out where do you do all the way wrong. Check it out.!!.

1. The clothes you fold.

The way you fold your clothes may not give you much space to keep all the clothes, This time try Rolling’em up.



2. When you Drive.

You drive with your cellphone buzzing arround you, so avoid it, silent down your cell phone & Save 2 lives..

5 (2)


3. You Lie 200 times.

You believe it or not but on an average you lie 200 times a day, Now ask your self.


4. Volume up And Earplugs on(BUT!!).

Yes, over here too you do it wrong, the correct way to plug’em in is to keep the wire round about the ear lobe, for better attachments n nice grip of the plug with ear.



5. Bon Appetit!!

While its the time to eat your meal you should spread the food around the border of the plate and then put it in the microwave. So that the food gets heated from all the sides.  



6. My Best Coke.

Hey guys here too. You get your best coke and wait you are missing something, Yes the tip of the can you use to get a hole in that, actually that’s a straw holder. Enjoy now. 

blith blog


7. Eating cup cakes.

The most mouth watering time when you have a cupcake in front of you but hey relax be a gentleman. you need the twist up the base, keep it on the top and enjoy it like a sandwich. 

how to eat a cake.


8. Ever Noticed How you Eat a Banana!!

The way you might be peeling of the banana where the long little stiff handle is, But it can damage your banana and let you not to eat it. You only need to squeez the banana from that black end and pop the skin out of it.

how to eat banana


9. Making The Sandwich..

This sandwich is yours but you can make it more tastier and more delicious in every bite, just you have to do is to spread the semicircular cheese slices along the sides of the brown bread.

how to make a samdwich correctly


10. Don’t Freak out if the plastic knot is not opening.

Hey guys you just need to twist up the free end of the knot to loose it up and it will be very easy for you the.

how to unknot.


11. Also Poop Wrong.

The way you poop, and feel mordernised poop in potty pot, but it actually collapses your anus and then the person need to serve extra efforts to get relaxes from the morning pressure. The muscle should be stretched and the anus path should be clear for your fresh mornings.



12. Is your Bin Bag stuck in the Dust bin?

 No worry, put some holes at the bottom of the Dustbin and you will never ever face such situation. 

why to draw holes in dustbin.

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