Diwali at IIT Gandhinagar

There will be a point in each one of ours life when we see no light.We search for a spark from somewhere to spread the gleam. The diya’s waiting for the arrival of the spark , it’s waiting to spread glory. This is what defines diwali.


Light drives away the darkness in its path. For the one with a purpose,the obstacles are to fade away. Your paths are to be cleared.


Rows of lamps lightened up fighting the winds and ,hours of running into the flickering ones. to finally have them spreading the dazzle. Now,what else matters?Your lamp is spreading glory.


Nothing brightens up your face better than a diyas on a diwali.But rather than the  light that lits up your face it is your inner ignition that brings out the real brilliance inside you.


Diyas all clustered around,chit chatting in the still and dark.We are none to listen.But once in a while lend them your ears,you can hear them.They sing the most melodious rhythm of all, quiet and soft.


Colors…the biggest joy.The splendor of eyesight.And those lit up stands out on their best . Enthralling!!


How can the whole lot of discussions be over without some sparks and cracks and light?Just blast off the negatives and shoot away the evils and set fire to your sorrows. Brings home joy, peace and prosperity in tons.


Light has no shadows.Diyas with their smiling faces turned to each other, spreading smiles of happiness and contentment on each of the faces around.



A light source can overlook upon things,it is like the solution to the whole set of problems piled up right above to each other. Never look out,it is right in front of you.Let it always be.



Content credits: CR Greeshma
Picture credits: Prateek Chennuri, Himanshu Pal, Blessy Tom Joseph, Rajdeep Ghosh






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