Singers around us.

We all love to sing, no matter what the world thinks of us. Each one of us has a different way of singing, we here have categorized some of the ways we use to sing. Search in and find out which do you or your friends fit in.

Bathroom singers:

We are very familiar with this category. Bathroom is their big stage.Shower is their microphone. And once the fragrance of bubbling soap fills the air, music comes from within. Never care the listeners, they sing for themselves. In ups and lows, the rhythm goes.Lyrics giving away their path for whistling and sometimes whole of the  beats they make on their own.Who cares how others hear it- maybe an irritating note.

But you should go on, else they will ask the day you don’t sing, “Is he/she not taking a bath today?”

Mumbling hummers:

Songs are not just for singing. You can mumble them too. Haven’t you seen this a lot? Who always have a song in their lips but never let it out. All day all long they do the mumbling. Not hiding the fact that these mumblers are prone to all sort of misunderstandings. Who on earth is going to think you are chanting lyrics during a situation?

So stop muttering and let it out loud. Let the world hear you.

The Annoying Choir:

Haven’t you met them yet? Thank god you are lucky then. This gaggle does not need any music or instrument. They are more than comfortable with their group. They have a song ready for every situation. Trust me you don’t want to be the person on whom all the puns are cracked. They can sing songs summarizing your whole life events and you will be standing perplexed simply laughing on yourself. Their witticism takes the form of lyrics and the type of song to suit the scenario. Never stop you bunch, let the creativity pour out.

Background Vocalists:

Ever controlled a remote control toy. A song in your playlist is remote to their tune. The moment a song is played, your ears start recording the change in vibrations other than the song. Maybe it is melodious, maybe it is not. But they don’t care as they are too lost in the song and their own voice thinking as if they are singing better than the original singer. But you actually miss their voice since both the song and the person’s voice stop simultaneously. But don’t bother you lot, sing your hearts out. Let the world care about their own concerns.

The confident songsters:

These are the self-marketing lot. They never miss out any chance of letting out their music. Be it a get-together or be it a group chat, they will at least manage to send out voice clips. They will take extreme care not to give others any chance of inviting them to sing. Because inviting, they do themselves. They sing quite openly, and people do like that way of singing. Anytime musical treat at free cost.

Go on songsters, with all your confidence.

The professional soloists:

They are the real professionals. They aren’t giving it for free. If you request them a song at the rarest occasions,they first excuse themselves with a throat problem most of the times. Then they start their throat clearing, pitch correction and finally we will be tired by the time they start. But on stage, no one can charm the audience better than them. Finally, they are too serious on their singing stuff.God bless their talent.

So here we sum up all the classification of the singers we meet in our everyday life. Let us know in the comments if we missed something and also tell us in which zone do you fit in.





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