This is a call …A call for a frantic search within your self for the faces forgotten or those that refuse to fade away despite our efforts.A call that brings pain to all the scars reminiscent of a long lost friendship.The wonderful moments we shared earlier now call for a reunion so we can share them again.Those laughter,tears,silly fights and craziness together that stayed unaltered through the uncountable highs and lows and calling for a second chance….

We meet and befriend a lot of people in the journey of life.Some stay with us throughout our journey.Some are forced to take a different path altogether.And there are some to whom we stay bound by invisible threads-no matter how different our paths are. We are rooted to them just like we are to our family;they follow us in our  twists and turns and give us a stern pull whenever we are not in the right state of mind. And that is what stays on.The way our minds connect.On one hand- it is running for those special one’s without a second thought-when they get hurt, despite the surroundings life has put us into- on the other-it is the comfort one gets to experience only in the presence of few. If you have got the chance to experience that comfort at least once in your life, you are one in many. Never cut your away your roots, that takes drives everything you are to nothingness.

Making a friend is quite easy. Living your happy moments with them is easier. Staying with them in the times of sorrow is not going to be that easy. But the moment that really defines your friendship is when you stay with them sharing their deepest worries at the times of your own pain. And believe me, the favour is always returned. Never expect it from the same person, though.

And now those hidden feelings longing for a friend lost on the way are beginning to resurface.Many of us do not even remember the point where we lost them. Searching for that connection in the darkness won’t help.Reaching out to them with a lantern is what will. Hunt them down, hug them tight and whisper softly in their ears,”You cannot escape me. Because we were each other
‘s happiness once.And will always be so…”


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