Blithchron is the annual cultural festival of IIT Gandhinagar, which has gained widespread popularity among the masses of Gujarat in just 5 years. True to its name-‘Blithe’ meaning festivity and ‘chronos’ meaning ‘time’-Blithchron aims to provide a festive time, not just for the fun-loving Gujjus, but the whole of India.

Kick-started by a bunch of enthusiastic pioneers in 2008, Blithchron is the only cultural festival to be launched in the same year as the inception of the institute. The festival has witnessed exponential growth since its first edition in terms of magnitude, popularity and quality, which is evident from the whopping footfall of 22,000 it garnered last year.

This year, the seventh edition of Blithchron-B’15-aspires to raise the cultural bar even further. With exciting events like The Butler Did It, Antaragnee, Panache and Jobless up its sleeve, Blithchron guarantees you the time of your life. You may come to Blithchron empty-handed but we’ll make sure you leave the premises with your head held high and your hands bulging with goodies.

Slated to be held on the 17th and 18th of January, Blithchron promises manifold thrill, adventure and entertainment for the young as well as old. So what are you waiting for? Brace yourselves for the Blithchron impact. Winter er… Blithchron is coming!!


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